Here are the top five suggestions I have for healing your relationship with food. They’ll walk you through the various aspects of your relationship and teach you how to rebuild each one. Remember to take it slowly. I don’t advocate attempting to do all five tasks at once! Begin with one or two, then on to another when you’re ready.

Let’s gets go!

Exercise Mindful Eating

We feel that there are two crucial parts to eating healthily every day: what you eat and how you eat. Mindful eating is more concerned with how you eat than with what or how much you consume. It’s all about refocusing your attention on your dining experience.

Begin to enjoy your food and be present when eating meals and snacks. Remind yourself that food is not a work, a job, or a means of exercising control. It is a means of nourishing your physical body, experiencing or sharing culture, and much more. More information on the specific principles of mindful eating can be found here. Simply following this one step will change your relationship with food before you know it.

Stop Adhering to Popular Diets and Detoxes

This is significant. Simply do not do it. I promise it’s not helping you. Diets are designed to keep you going back for more; they place you in what I call the diet cycle. It’s the cycle of “on track” vs. “off track.”
You’ll be able to build consistency as soon as you stop following these trends. You’ll be able to nourish yourself in a way that’s right for your body, not someone else’s. Diet trends are a form of marketing; they are a business. To transform your relationship with food, you must break the diet cycle.

Remove the Food Regulations

Next, throw the food rules out the window. No more eating this and not that, or this is correct and this is incorrect. Food doesn’t function like that, especially if you desire a healthy, pleasant connection with it. Food regulations are both restrictive and regulating. They make you feel deprived, worried, and even embarrassed.
If you want to transform your connection with food, you must abandon the food rules. Take a moment to pause if you hear yourself following or even reciting a food guideline. “Is this a food rule?” you might wonder. “How can I maintain food balance if I don’t follow this rule?” You won’t have to pause for long.

Consistently priorities both nutrition and enjoyment.

We absolutely require both. Both fun and sustenance must be prioritised in order to foster our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We mean foods that physically nourish your body when we mention nourishment. We mean things that make you happy, regardless of their nutritional value, when we say “enjoyment.” You’ll be well on your way to improving your relationship with food if you can ensure that the great majority of your meals and snacks prioritize both of these elements. You will not feel starved, nor will eating become a work. Food will become a pleasurable and relaxing aspect of your life!

Stop viewing food as either good or bad.

This one is crucial for constantly prioritising both nourishment and enjoyment. If you continuously feel like you’re eating “bad” food when you eat items that you enjoy, you’ll be plagued by guilt and shame. Furthermore, if you constantly feel that you “should” be consuming nourishment-based items, you’ll come to regard food as a chore.

To change your connection with food, remove morality from the equation. Begin to consider food in terms of simple nourishment, enjoyment, or a combination of the two. That’s all! This may take you to correct or remind yourself on occasion at first, but before you realize it, this will become your reality.

It is possible to change your relationship with food. It only requires a few easy steps and some perseverance. Anyone can develop a healthy and balanced relationship with food. Sometimes all it takes is a little help!

By:-Dr. Mahesh

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